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Assessment Planning Managing the
Briefing Day
Measurement Marketing & Communications
Evaluation & Needs Assessment Process, workflows, tools Customization Performance indicators, including ROI Internal & external plans
Transitioning to briefing program Engaging sales Customer experience Metrics executives embrace Strategy
  Recommendations for automation Engaging discussion leaders Communicating EBP impact Content management
  Agenda creation Speakers' Bureau Dashboards  
  Personalization Voice of the Customer    
Program Management • Executive support
• Business plans and business cases
• Benchmarking and strategic plan for success
• Advisory boards and Voice of the Customer
• Staffing models, job levels, career paths
• Coaching


Compare your briefing program’s current policies, strategies, processes, briefings and measurements with the ABPM World Class Characteristics and other best in class practices.

  • Find out how your briefing program and center are perceived by executives, account managers discussion leaders, and other stakeholders
  • Uncover the expectations of the briefing program
  • Identify the strengths of the briefing program
  • Determine what and where improvements are needed
  • Establish an action plan with goals and priorities to improve performance
  • Direct the strategic leverage of the Center, for example, when in the customer relationships are the optimum times for a Center visit, account coverage targets, or integration of the Center in the total customer journey.
  • Verify the metrics of success for your briefing program

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Advisory Boards and Advocacy Strategies

Advisory Boards and Advocacy Strategies are powerful, strategic tools that can provide linkage between the EBP and the corporation’s goals and initiatives.

  • Harness word-of-mouth so that professionals beyond the EBP staff are advocating the benefits and services of the EBP.
  • Increase the effectiveness and success of the EBP.
  • Let us help you create an Advisory Board or invigorate your current Advocacy Strategy.

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Business Plans

Need a compelling Business Plan to get increased funding, more people, or new facilities for your program? Not sure how to make the case? Don’t have the time?

We will:

  • Provide an overview of the process and a business plan template
  • Establish linkages to corporate strategies
  • Leverage best-in-class practices
  • Identify measurements and metrics of success
  • Support you through each step toward your goal

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Sales Engagement

Many briefing programs wait for account managers to contact them to schedule a customer visit. The flaw of the demand model is how can briefing programs know that they are getting the most important customers to their center and at the right time in the relationship? I had a President of a F500 global company say to me, “Why are there $30,000 deals in the EBC and not the $3M opportunities.”  Let us help you develop a Sales Engagement strategy and tools to ensure that your center is getting the right decision makers, at the right time in the sales cycle, in the right seats.   

  • Understand sales compensation and its impact on EBC engagement
  • Develop a sales engagement strategy and coverage strategy and a methodology to measure the success
  • Identify and implement sales engagement tools   
  • Communicate and keep the EBC top of mind for sales
  • Plan how to engage sales before, during and after briefing 
  • Ensure the right external and internal attendees are in place for briefings

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Discussion Leader Engagement

Briefing professionals report that their Centers are underutilized not because of space limitations but because of a lack of subject matter experts to give presentations and lead discussions during a briefing.  EBC s with an informal discussion leader bureau spends their staff’s time cajoling SMEs to support briefings or they go to the same few SMEs until they “burnout."  It is a common challenge but the strategy to increase Discussion Leader Engagement is unique to each organization. Briefing programs need a strategy for identifying SMEs, securing commitment, and assuring that the presentations are customized and engaging.

  • Calculate with certainty how many discussion leaders your EBC needs
  • Learn world class tactics for identifying, on-boarding, training and rewarding discussion leaders
  • Implement effective methods for giving feedback and coaching discussion leaders
  • Identify best practices  for Centers that are not co-located with SMEs and Executive Discussion Leaders

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Measures, Metrics and Surveys

  • Setting and tracking center utilization and account coverage
  • Delivering a high quality impactful experience for every customer
  • Achieving customization and personalization
  • Surveys – internal, external, delayed and Voice of the Customer
  • Reporting and communicating success

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Managing, Marketing and Promoting Executive Briefing Programs

  • Assess what needs to be done, help set priorities and develop an action plan
  • Coach the implementation of an Executive Briefing Program Marketing and Communications
  • Strategy
  • Develop the tools, forms and processes to help plan and execute a successful event
  • Increase the personalization and customization of all customer visits through the use of easy to-use tools
  • Establish an internal and external customer satisfaction survey process to measure impact
  • Increase sales managers’ and account representatives’ utilization of the center

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Staffing, Development and Career Paths

  • Provide candidate testing services and selection profiles to identify the best candidate(s) for the position
  • Write job descriptions that communicate the skills, knowledge, and responsibilities of briefing center positions for equable corporate compensation
  • Integrate briefing professional positions with corporate career track structure
  • Establish short-term and long-term staff development plans
  • Conduct a “boot camp” for new Executive Briefing Center staff and shorten the staff’s time between “beginning” and “proficient”

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How Do Your EBC Jobs Rank?

  • Write job descriptions that communicate the true skills, knowledge and responsibilities of
  • briefing center positions for equitable corporate compensation
  • Integrate briefing professional positions with the corporate career track structure
  • Create career options for the current briefing center team
  • Attract strong candidates to EBC positions
  • Develop a Succession Plan
  • Improve recruitment and selection processes for new EBC talent

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